Seaspiracy: A Documentary That Will Open Your Eyes 

Who knew that eating fish could contribute to modern day slavery?

Seaspiracy is a Netflix Original documentary which came out in March 2021 and exposes the treatment of marine life by humans and the corrupt fishing industry.

The director of the documentary is Ali Tabrizi, who carried his obsession with the ocean into his adult years. His initial idea was to highlight the wonders of the ocean but, as he started his investigation, he found out that the ocean is a playing field for exploitation and corruption.

The documentary emphasises how it is easy for the average person to have an idealised view of what fishing is, simply because so much of the industry is hidden. However, the documentary sheds light on a lot of issues that most people never would have thought of. 

As Ali investigates, the viewer is brought along for the journey. When you are presented with raw, uncomfortable and gruesome images, you cannot bury your head in the sand. Like him in the moment, you cannot escape.

The documentary is enriched with different perspectives. From experts, members of organisations, companies that lie to their consumers about sustainable fishing practices, all to the people actually being exploited.

One of the hardest hitting parts of the documentary is the anonymous interviews with former slaves, who speak about being tricked onboard, abused and pushed to near suicide. By hearing first-hand experiences, you are reminded of the individual lives that are ruined and taken for granted.

Seaspiracy provokes your thought process and forces you to face the truth, leading to the inevitable question you will ask yourself: “How complicit am I in this industry?”

The documentary shows the cruel and inhumane world of fishing and the reality of the widespread corruption that takes place.

Many facts and figures were included throughout, but one of the most shocking ones is that if commercial fishing carries on at the same rate as today, we will see virtually empty oceans by 2048.

Despite everything, a small glimmer of hope is highlighted in that it is not too late to save our oceans, but dramatic changes need to be implemented.

For many people, this documentary has convinced them to take action in helping stop large-scale fishing operations and also to stop consuming fish – which was emphasised as the single best thing you can do to help marine life.

Because, in the wise words of Oceanographer, Dr Slyvia Earle: “No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something

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