Netflix and …. Part three: The conclusion

Sorry about the title of this post, I just couldn’t think of another word that rhymed with chill. Well other than kill and drill, but they have very negative connotations. Another thing you may have noticed from the title is this is likely to be the last Netflix blog. Mainly because it would complete the trilogy, but obviously if I suddenly come across more shows I like, it could easily turn into a quadrilogy. Anyway, as you know by now I am a keen Netflixer. Shows like Orange is the new black and Breaking bad that I have mentioned in previous posts have become integral part of my procrastination time. These final shows are new on me, but if I can get another person to watch them instead of doing there work, then I will feel my work is done.

13 Reasons Why:


Not something usually of my taste, but something you guys might like. Hannah Baker is young girl at high school, who, out of the blue, commits suicide. A few days later, her friend Clay receives a tape and listens. To his surprise, Hannah is the voice on the tape, and begins to talk Clay through the reasons why she killed herself. Sounds quite good right? I thought that at first, and I don’t think it is awful now having watched a couple of episodes. I do think it’s not really for me though. The teen drama, high school crushes talk is not really my thing. Probably why I didn’t like Pretty little liars from earlier in the series; they are actually quite similar. But if you like a bit of mystery where things are not quite as they seem, and can put up with the teen angst, then you will enjoy this one.

Santa Clarita Diet:


This one is a bit of a weird one. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play a married couple, who also work together as estate agents. There’s not exactly much build up as out of the blue, Barrymore’s character turns into a zombie and eats one of her co-workers. It is kind of funny, and I do mean kind of. If you’re looking for something to watch with your partner, and your not to squeamish, then go for it. If you’re looking for a zombie flick along the lines of The Walking Dead or movies such as Zombieland and Shaun of the dead, then you’re better off watching something else. Preferably, those.

The OA:


This is another one, like Peaky Blinders from the previous post, that I haven’t actually watched yet. It does look pretty good though. All I know about it is a women returns home after disappearing for 7 years, and is basically a bit weird. I would go into more details, but I don’t want to give myself any spoilers. I will watch the first episode soon and will update you.

Line of Duty:


This is another one that I have been looking forward to for a while. Do you remember Luther? Well if you like corrupt police dramas as much as me, then you will love this one as much as Luther. This is another one that I will have to update you all on as I haven’t got round to watching the first episode yet, but I just know I will love it. If it is good enough for my lecturer Paul, then it will be good enough for me.



Talking of anticipation, this is one I could not wait for. Pablo Escobar is the greatest drug dealer of all time (well apart from Walter White obviously), and this is the story of the DEA agents that caught him, eventually. That comparison to Breaking Bad is actually quite relevant. Before watching the show, knowing it is about drugs, I thought the similarities to that show would not end with the theme. I thought we may see how Escobar grows, perhaps even from childhood, into the drug kingpin we all remember. Instead, the story begins with him already in the role of public enemy number one, and the main antagonist being one of the many DEA agents tasked with catching him. What I love about Breaking Bad is seeing the legendary Heisenberg’s transformation from arrogant, but mild mannered Chemistry teacher to ruthless, sociopathic drug lord, with great story lines like his terminal cancer, characters like Jesse Pinkman and Gus Fring and incredible acting all along the way. I know Narcos is different; it’s main focus is to highlight the story of the people who caught Escobar. But because I don’t see that character development, I can’t get as invested in the story. However, if you can get past that and not, as I do, sub-consciously compare it to that other great show about drug dealing, then it is well worth a watch.

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