#GE17: Why your vote matters

In the run-up to June 8 we’ll be posting a host of election-themed articles, talking about voting and party policies.

With yet another public vote quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about who you’re going to back. But based on previous years, there are a lot of people of university age that might not be planning to vote for anybody at all.

In 2015, just over 40% of young people registered turned out to vote in the general election (according to UK Political Info). The turnout for the EU referendum was much better, with more than 60% of young voters having their say, but in comparison to the 90% turnout for over 65s, there’s definitely still room for improvement.

The amount of young people, and people overall, that didn’t vote in the last election, is large¬†enough that they could have caused there to be an entirely different result.
By casting your vote, you would be making sure that your voice is heard, and you could be changing the future of this country.

So if you’re feeling like your vote won’t make difference, just think of how many others are thinking the same thing, and the change that you could cause, just by going down to your polling station on June 8 and casting your vote.

You can register to vote in the General Election 2017 here before May 22.


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