#GE17: Who should I vote for?

Still undecided about who to vote for tomorrow? Here are the key policies for parties running in Cheltenham.


Cheltenham candidate: Alex Chalk

Key policies:

-New national funding plan for education
-Free school meals for infants will be scrapped and replaced with free breakfasts
-At least 100 new free schools a year will be built

-Allow local councils to build more social housing with council housing deals

-Reduce annual migration figures
-Restrictions on immigration from the EU

-Increase NHS spending by at least £8 billion in the next five years

-Harsher punishments for companies mismanaging pensions
-Pensions will rise in line with a person’s earnings

-No increase in VAT
-The 40p tax threshold will be raised to £50,000

The Conservative Party manifesto can be found here.


Cheltenham Candidate: Adam Van Coevorden

Key policies:


-A second referendum will be held on the decision to leave the EU
-EU citizens in the UK will have their rights protected.
-Remain in the single market and retain freedom to travel in the EU


-Plans for a “more humane” immigration system.


-Will pass an Environment Protection Act.
-Fracking will become illegal.

Workers’ rights

-Four day working week will be introduced.
-Minimum wage will be increased to £10 in three years.


-100,000 social rented homes will be built by 2022.
-Letting fees will be banned.


-Money to be invested in the NHS.
-NHS Sustainability and Transformation plans will be scrapped.

The Green Party manifesto can be found here.


Cheltenham candidate: Keith White

Key policies:


-University tuition fees will be scrapped and maintenance grants will be reintroduced.


-Build one million new homes by the end of their term.

-Better standards for rented properties and cap rises in rent.

-4,000 homes will be provided for people with a history of sleeping on the streets.


-Scrap income thresholds for migrants’ families who want to come to the UK

-Create a Migrant Impact Fund to support public services, funded by visas.

-No plans to reduce immigration numbers.



-More than £30bn of extra NHS funding from increased taxes.

-EU NHS workers’ rights protected immediately.

-Create a National Care Service.

-Investment of £8 billion in care services.

-Improve conditions for care workers.


-People earning over £80,000 will see rises in income tax.


-A new 50p tax will be introduced for anyone earning over £123,000.


-Corporation tax will rise 26%.

Workers’ rights

-Zero hours contracts will become illegal.

-Unpaid internships will be banned.

-Minimum wage will be at least £10 by 2020 to account for living wage.

-Four new public holidays will be introduced.

The Labour party manifesto can be found here.

Liberal Democrat

Cheltenham candidate: Martin Horwood

Key policies:


-Hold a second referendum on the Brexit deal
-Protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK
-Stay in the single market


-Free school meals for all primary school children
-Increase education spending by £7bn
-Reinstate bursaries for student nurses


-Bring back housing benefits for 18-21 year olds
-Introduce a Housing Investment Bank to fund new homes


-Introduce a new proportional voting system
-Lower voting age to 16


-Increase NHS funding by £6bn
-Legalise medicinal cannabis


-Generate 60% of electricity with renewable sources by 2030
-Introduce low-emissions schemes
-Ban sales of diesel cars by 2025

The Liberal Democrats manifesto can be found here.

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