China’s Islamic​​ Concentration Camps Outed.

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China has been recorded to have detained over a million Muslims in concentration camps or ‘education centres’, and it seems to be nothing but second-rate news. We have all studied Nazi Germany, talking about the concept of Concentration camps as a horrific thing of the past. Well, China has dug up this idea and those of the Islamic faith are their target. Reports dating back to 2015 found evidence of secret detention centres through satellite photography. In April 2018 satellite footage of Dabancheng and later in October show the fast development of these centres. Despite this China continues to deny these accusations of locking up Muslims unjustly. However, interviews with members of this centre according to a BBC article appeared

“to sound more like confessions.”

BBC News, ‘China’s hidden Camps’ John Sudworth, 24 October 2018, [

The issue has yet again been brought up again this week on Twitter with Nowthis news posting a video whereby Scott Busby, U.S State Department claims there to be “at least 800,000 and possibly up to a couple of million folks in these detention facilities.” American activist Audin Anwar demands attention to this inhumane treatment, claiming one of her relatives near the beginning of 2017 to have been placed in one of these camps, to come out dead in November the same year. These centres don’t seem to be prioritised or looked at with any interest by politicians. It seems ridiculous that this matter hasn’t been prioritised, to find out exactly what’s going on and how to get justice for people being prosecuted because of their faith.

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