Why I thought Bohemian Rhapsody was amazing!

Freddie Mercury singing

Before watching Bohemian Rhapsody I had high expectations from what I had heard from my friends, but gosh it reached it’s potential and much more! It was even more than I thought it would be and I think it was perfect. I recommend it highly!

The film looks at the main protagonist, Freddie Mercury, going through his life and focusing on how he became the famous lead singer of Queen! Firstly we look at his childhood, where he worked at an airport and then his time at the Pub, where the three other members of the band performed. The lead singer walks away from the band, giving Mercury the opportunity to take the place of lead singer! From there, they just improved massively and were discovered by a record producer who gave them their break. It just gets better and better from there!

Throughout the journey to fame and victory, Mercury’s pride and ego inflated leading him to become¬†lost but eventually makes his way back to the group and they end up performing at Live Aid. Mercury’s illness is revealed and the film ends once the performance at Live Aid finishes.¬†

Rami Malek plays the role perfectly; from the signature pose, the singing and to the powerful emotionality. He fit’s the role so well and the likeliness of the two is uncanny. I think he does everything right and obviously the research was done to get this perfect.

The film portrays the topic of sexuality very well. Firstly Freddie and Mary become a couple and get engaged and then it comes out that Freddie is gay, but they remain life long friends. The film shows a few men who come into Mercury’s life, but shows his long relationship partner, Jim Hutton. This is beautiful, and depicts Mercury’s desire to be with him and be happy and not lonely.

The film successfully achieves the themes of friendship, fame, sexuality, love and how one amazing man becomes ill and dies at such a young age. The music is so well crafted and the acting is so realistic to what really happened. 

I walked away from this film very positively and happy with what I’d watched and now I can’t stop listening to Queen. Watch this thought provoking film and you won’t regret it.

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