Review: The X Factor Fright Night

This week on The X Factor it was Fright Night.
Well, it was frightening. From Simon Cowell’s teeth to Honey G, The X Factor has certainly gone downhill over the last couple of years in my opinion.

As I was watching the show on Saturday night, all that kept going through my mind was “am I watching the same show as everyone else?” It was terrible! The judges are being too nice to everyone who are performing, when in reality they actually aren’t as good as they are making out. For instance, I personally thought that Saara’s version of Lady GaGa’s ‘Bad Romance’ was out of tune, but the judges seemed to love it.

The biggest fright of the night has to go to Miss Honey G! She ‘sang’ the theme song to the ‘Men in Black’ and whilst everyone was saying it was her best performance yet, I thought it was her worst. I do not understand how she of all people can have standing ovations for such terrible performances. It just doesn’t make any sense. Even celebrities have been sucked into the delusion that is Honey G. Former Take That singer Robbie Williams, tweeted that she was the most entertaining thing on the show. I’m sorry Robbie, I 100% have to disagree with you. The only thing that she is good at doing is making people talk about her and that is exactly what she is doing. Simon Cowell has stated that Honey G is “the greatest”. I immediately said, “the greatest failure”. If somebody who is as bad as her happens to win the show, then I’m not entirely sure what will come of it. It will show that ‘The X Factor’ has become ‘The Joke Factor’.

I do not understand what has happened to ‘The X Factor’. All of a sudden, Simon Cowell has turned nice. He was the reason people tuned into the show. He would criticise the contestants and then make them feel bad. It was entertaining to watch. It wasn’t on Saturday night.

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