Review: The Girl On The Train

 I haven’t been to the cinema in a long time, so I thought that I would go and watch one of the latest films that most people are talking about, ‘The Girl on the Train’.

I went into watching this film without reading the book, so I didn’t know any spoilers,  which I am thankful for. I feel that if you know the plotline to a story, then you will not necessarily enjoy the film as much as you should. Therefore you will probably be trying to figure out how a particular scene is going to link to the end of the movie. This is why I am very glad I did not read the book before watching the film.

This film had me hooked from the moment it started. It had such a peculiar beginning. The beginning was actually the title of the movie, the girl on a train. I understand how exciting that sounds (sarcasm), but believe me, this film has more twists and turns in it than a race track.

Emily Blunt, is wonderful in her role of Rachel Watson. She delivers a great performance as an alcoholic, I truly believed her. This film, however, is nothing like her previous films, such as ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ and ‘Into the Woods’. They are seen as light-hearted family fun, which is nothing compared to this. It delivers one very surprising plot twist that I personally did not see coming, but apparently according to others they saw it from a mile off. Just to warn you, the plot twist isn’t anywhere near as good as the twist in ‘The Sixth Sense’, but I’ll let them have this one.

If you enjoyed the film ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ starring Julia Roberts, then I suggest you watch this film. You will not be disappointed. Now that I have watched the film, I am very much looking forward to reading the book.

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