Review: The Grand Tour

It is the moment that many people have been waiting for; the first episode of Amazon Prime’s new motoring show The Grand Tour. This is Jeremy Clarkson’s first TV show since the BBC decided to fire him from Top Gear. As much as Clarkson would hate to admit it, he would be nowherejeremy_clarkson_2008 without his trusty sidekicks, Richard Hammond and James May. These three complete each other. It was amazing to see all three of them sticking with each other after a tough time. It really would not have been the same if one of them did not come back. It was very appropriate naming the first episode ‘The Holy Trinity’, because that is what they truly are.

After the BBC’s attempt to remake Top Gear without its original presenters completely backfired, I assume Jeremy Clarkson is laughing all the way to bank. This first episode was extremely entertaining. It starts off with Jeremy Clarkson ‘leaving the BBC’ on a cloudy and rainy day. It soon starts to brighten up once he reaches Amazon Prime.

I thought this show was very cleverly put together, as it felt like you were watching an episode of Top Gear, at the same time as knowing you weren’t. In my opinion I think that they do not want to lose touch with the show that made them famous and what the fans love, which is understandable. There were still some references to Top Gear such as ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’. It is now known as ‘Celebrity Brain Crash’. One quote from Jeremy during this segment which I thought was funny was, “Why is there smoke coming out of Brad Pitt’s head?”. Also, at the end of every episode of ‘Top Gear’, Jeremy would normally say, “and on that bombshell”. He now says something along those lines, but referencing to the final scene of the episode.  In this case he said “and on that terrible disappointment”. He was referring to his car being the slowest out the three racing, ultimately leading to Richard and James ‘knocking his houses down’. It is such a relief that ‘The Grand Tour’ has the same humour as Top Gear.

Without a doubt Amazon are going to sell many, many more of their ‘fire sticks’ now. I already know quite a few people who have only bought Amazon Prime just to watch ‘The Grand Tour’. With it only being £79 a year it’s a real bargain. As well as this, if you’re a student it’s even cheaper, at only £39 a year. It was actually said during the episode that the series will continue for the next three years- I know exactly what I am doing for the next couple of years, that’s for sure. I have a very strong feeling that this show is going to be very successful and it will definitely continue for more than three years. I am sure of it!

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