Review: La-La for La La Land

In my opinion La La Land is going to be the film of 2017. It’s a modern Hollywood movie with a classic 1950’s style twist. It has everything that I could love in a film (songs and a love story). It was amazing.

Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, dreamed of having his own famous jazz club and Mia, played by Emma Stone, dreamed of being a well-known actress. SPOILER ALERT – At the end of the film their dreams come true.

I personally think the story was faultless. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone certainly deserve their Oscar nominations after their performances. When it is time for the awards I will be cheering them both on.

This film made me smile, get goose bumps and almost cry in places. It was powerful from the first scene. Even the bitter-sweet ending was perfect. I did not expect the ending but it fitted so well that you didn’t really mind.

While watching, you are rooting for Mia and Sebastian, (SPOILER ALERT), but in the end, it wasn’t meant to be. I do applaud the creator of the film for doing this, as it is not your typical Hollywood movie that is so predictable. The ending of the film shows a montage of what could have happened if the two characters had stayed together. So in a way you are still getting the traditional Hollywood ending but not as you would expect it.

Although I thought the story was stunning, I will admit some of the songs were quite forgettable. I understand that many people will disagree with me, but I cannot remember some of the songs. I personally think this film would be just as successful if it wasn’t a musical. However, one song that I absolutely loved was the song that Sebastian played on his piano to signify Mia and his love for jazz. His piano skills were perfection.

I am now looking forward to Oscar night and seeing this film steal the show.

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