Bi-visibility Day!

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Today, 23rd September, is Bi-visibility day. A day perfect for celebrating and recognise both bisexual history and the community itself. Many individuals, both celebrities and general members of the public, have got involved online with inspirational messages and stories. One includes Kate Hill, Famous for being California’s first openly bisexual Congress member, who tweeted

Representation matters. Visibility matters. Without a voice, we can’t begin to address issues like the staggering rates of sexual assault of bisexual women or disproportionate rates of poverty that affect bisexual people….. I see you.

Kate Hill, 23/09/2019, @RepKatieHill

We can also see more representation through new media, some being premiered on Bi-visibility day itself. One example includes the launch of the new Podcast TwoBiGuys, the first episode being realised today. The podcast can be found on Google, Spotify and Apple.

This kind of representation is slowly starting to seep its way into politics, celebrity life and news. However, there is still progress to be made. Bi-visibility day is the perfect opportunity for schools and universities to celebrate, reflect and demand further acceptance. Whilst progress has been made, there is still a way to go. So lets continue to celebrate the brilliant work of bisexuals in creating change and acceptance in our society. Finishing on the same message as Katie Hill, We see you!

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