Ambassador Jobs have reopened for 2019/20

Once again, our University is recruiting for the role of Student Ambassador. To give you a clearer insight to what it means to be an ambassador and why it’s such a good thing to consider applying for, we’ve spoken to Senior Ambassador Asha Sutton.

“Since getting the job in my first year, I feel I have grown so much! I love chatting and helping people on open and applicant days meeting new people along the way. If you want to be the face of the university, showing people around the campus, answering questions and easing their nerves then this is for you! I’ve been to places like Brighton, London and Manchester where I’ve helped promote the university, experiencing great opportunities which develop my skill-set. I don’t even consider this a job because I am being paid to smile, be bubbly and welcoming. All these experiences are something I’m going to take away with me and treasure. If you want a flexible job that fits around your studies, allows you to meet new people and pays well, why not apply?”

Asha Sutton.

As Asha has said, being an Ambassador is a job which comes with so many amazing experiences. In terms of your CV, it is an amazing thing to include. If you would like to apply the deadline is the 11th October 2019 at 11 pm. You can find a link here to the YourFuturePlan website which includes more information and the application form.

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