Harry Redknapp: in conversation with the king of the jungle

Taken by Brandon Thompson.

This year’s media week at the University of Gloucestershire was an inspiring one, holding many specialized talks and panels. Events which piqued the interest of almost every student present and allowing them to explore the many careers and interests that comes with working in media. However, without a doubt the main event was unsurprisingly ‘In Conversation with Harry Redknapp’.  

Harry enthralled the audience, with stories from his childhood and the overall message, ‘kindness doesn’t cost anything’. Amongst the nuggets of football language which I didn’t understand (shame on me), there were many good life messages from Harry Redknapp. One’s which could prove valuable to students starting off in the media industry.  

When asked about his experience with the media, he said he got on well with Journalists. Stating ‘it didn’t cost anything to just have a chat’. He did, however, express the importance of media and how he has seen the image of some of his colleagues ruined by Journalists

One of the things the audience found most heartwarming, was his memories of his early football career. Coaching kids in Newham, Westham with Frank Lampard Sr. Earning £2.50 for the afternoon, which he said was a fond memory for him. Throughout his talk, Harry expressed the importance of the youth in this country and their potential, such as his decision to sign Joe Cole at 11.  

Time at I’m a Celeb

The King of the Jungle, although football legend, may be becoming a technical wizz. As when asked if he keeps in touch with the former contestants on Im a Celeb, he said, ‘We have a WhatsApp group. I did not know what WhatsApp was before to be honest, I am not on it very often. I do add to the conversation every so often.’ 

It was an emotional talk with Harry Redknapp, seeing the life behind the football legend and TV personality. Understanding his passions and interests, and his life mantras. He has inspired the students at University of Gloucestershire and it will be interesting to see how the Media Week committee attempt to top it next year. 

Image provided by Brandon Thompson.

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