UK voters say farewell to the NHS

(Credit: Leo Reynolds/Flickr)

#GoodbyeNHS was trending on Twitter last week as the exit polls predicted a huge Conservative win in the 2019 general election. Rumours surfaced in the final days leading to this election from Jeremy Corbyn, who said he had evidence Boris Johnson had plans to sell the NHS if he won the election.

This claim came from leaked international trade documents between the UK and the US.

This sparked worries all over the UK from many people who know they will not be able to cover the cost of health care if this really happens.

Although Boris Johnson denies that the NHS is at risk and has said it isn’t up for sale, the public are not entirely convinced he has the intention to keep this promise.

Some Twitter users joked amid the panic…

…while other users were blunt and upfront about their heartbreak and disappointment over potentially risking privatisation of the NHS.

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