Ways to maintain a long-distance relationship at uni

For many, going to university can be such an amazing experience. Getting to meet new people, study a subject that they love and enjoy a brand new lifestyle. Living in halls of residence and a student house can be amazing. However, what if this move also means leaving your partner behind?

Distance relationships of any kind can be difficult, especially when at university. You go from seeing each other nearly every day to perhaps once every other weekend, or whenever you are both free. The adjustment can be hard, particularly for romantic relationships. However, below are some tips that can hopefully help with the struggles and pressures of a long-distance. relationship.

Sometimes a really strong and loving relationship can mean that distance is not a major problem. In a survey, 34% of people said that a long-distance relationship hadn’t made any difference for them. I myself am a true believer that ‘if you want to make time, you will.’ Making sure to prioritize each other as much as possible can allow for a balance alongside work or other commitments. Whilst it might take more effort than when living closer, in the end, I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

This particular survey also mentioned many couples in long-distance relationships find their to be a lack of intimacy. It suggested distance can sometimes put a strain on a couple’s emotional connection with one another, as they struggle to find time to communicate. To try and combat this, why not try planning dates in advance, again prioritizing your free time to see your other half. Planning these meetups and writing them in your calendar allows reassurance and excitement to see your partner at a time which works for both of you?

When worrying about maintaining your emotional connection with a partner I would suggest communication to be even more key within long-distance relationships. Whilst life can get busy, taking the time out of your day to speak with someone you love provides a sense of comfort and security. It doesn’t have to be face to face either, maybe over the phone or a Facetime call a couple of times a week? This allows you to talk about anything on your mind and still have the experience of sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner.

As a treat for spending so long apart, another idea could be planning a longer period of time to spend together in the future. Whether this is a holiday or a long weekend at someone’s house, it will allow you to make up for the lost time when being apart. Christmas or Easter may be times as taking time off work can be easier. Making sure to acknowledge what days work best for your partner as well as yourself is also key. Ensuring that you are both making time to see and spend time with each other, strengthening your relationship.

It cannot be denied that long-distance relationships are difficult. I’ve spoken to a few people in them who claim they sometimes don’t hear from their partner as much as they’d like, feeling low because their partner is always on their mind. However, hopefully some of these tips will help those struggling with the issue of long-distance. Conclusively, it is crucial to prioritize some of your free time to be with a loved one. Having quality time together even if it can’t be all the time.

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