Staying calm and managing stress at University

Now we’re back at university, no matter what year we are in, whether it be first, second or third, we can feel stressed from time to time. It might be keeping up with academic work, juggling a part time job or social life or even keeping up with cleaning and washing. Can it all get too much?

If the answer is yes, then here’s a few hints and tips of how to keep that stress down and keep calm.

You may be finding it hard to sleep, or you might be feeling irritable but it’s okay to address this and be aware yourself. Why not take a minute out to have some ‘you’ time? Get into bed and watch a film or get comfy on the sofa and try and relax. There is always going to be time to do this when you need it because it is extremely important to take a well deserved time out. This is a big priority when you start to feel stressed. It is always just as important to keep socialising when you can so that you’re not constantly working and studying. Just keep it in mind.

If you feel as if you don’t have any energy or you’re tired, then maybe you should do a little bit of exercise or eat a healthy meal. It might not feel like it but it actually helps you to feel better. If the sun is out, why not go for a little run or have a healthy meal for dinner. Exercising helps boost our activity level and makes us feel more motivated. Give it a try.

If you’re interested in meditating and deep breathing, try doing this before bed. Why not take a look at meditating videos online, like on YouTube or take a few moments of deep breathing. This helps you become aware of the present time and can take your mind off things when you need a good distraction.

One big thing I’d say is to talk. Never stop communicating. You can talk to anyone, but make sure it’s to somebody. If you tell another person how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind, it means you don’t bottle things up, and gets you a new perspective on everything. When I talk about any stress I may have, I like to talk about it because then I feel better for being open and honest. It does make you feel better.

So, when you are feeling stressed, go and watch a comedy on the telly or go and meet up with a friend for coffee. Give yourself a healthy balance between work and play and recognise when you may need a break. Don’t burn yourself out.

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