Why I fell in love with the University of Gloucestershire.

When I first saw the Francis Close Hall campus, I fell in love. Seeing it just reminded me of Hogwarts and as soon as I walked through the grounds stood facing the Chapel, I knew it was the place for me.

As a senior ambassador I worked at the Open Day last weekend at FCH and it was amazing! The guests were lovely and a pleasure to be around and although the weather was a bit bleak, the energy was really high!

When doing campus tours, I really love showing people around and letting them see what we have. The tower right in the centre by the grass is always a personal favorite. I think that’s what reminds people of the whole Hogwarts feel of the place, as well as the historic chapel which looks beautiful both inside and out. The library is nice and modern, but still holds a traditional and old-fashioned appearance. I just love our campus so much!

In the summer, just outside the Chapel, there’s a quad with well-kept grass to sit and eat your lunch or read a book. This again adds to the campuses overall atmosphere. The foliage and ivy that hangs off the bricks outside just add to the beauty of the campus.

When I talk to people who may want to come and study here, I think my passion and love for the Uni just comes out in a glow. I don’t have a bad word to say about it because it’s where I love to be. I love being able to do my studies here and call it a second home. It’s just got the right balance between old and new, which I think is such a great combination.

If you’re reading this, and you are thinking of coming to university, I would definitely say that visiting a uni is a must. When applying myself, uni tables didn’t mean as much as going to the uni itself, seeing you get that vibe. See if it makes you feel certain this is where you want to study. That’s what this uni did for me. Visiting it was my decision-maker and it might be for you too. I would also say that this uni is great for those who want a close net community, somewhere where it is tranquil and calm. When I walk through the campus, it always makes me feel relaxed. The campus creating a therapeutic feel about it making it so much easier to study.

But that’s not all… The University of Gloucestershire has other beautiful campuses to explore and visit. We have Park Campus, which are home to the Media and Design students. Outside they have a huge pond as well as lovely big areas of grass with benches to relax and study in. This campus is great for the wildlife.

Oxstalls campus in Gloucester is home to the Performing Arts, Health and Business students and when I go to this campus, I love the modern aspects, as well as the great facilities they offer. These facilities include the brand new Business School recently built thereas well as their spacious and atttractive refectory!

I wasn’t ever going to be a city girl at university, so having a university like this one in a smaller town but still including a larger town centre is really appealing. There’s so much going on and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I made the best decision coming here and I am so lucky for the people I have met, and the opportunities I have had.

Come and visit us, and see for yourself if this is the place for you!

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