What Hillary’s visit means for Cheltenham

People in Cheltenham have had their say on Hillary Clinton, and how her visit to Cheltenham may give the town more recognition and fame.

The former First Lady’s new book “What Happened” tells the story of the 2016 US presidential campaign, in which Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

Clinton will be talking to journalist Mariella Frostrup at the Literature Festival, specifically the Racecourse, on Sunday 15 October.

Mark Jones, a student at the University of Gloucestershire, said, “I think the town is prestigious already, with the Gold Cup and other worldwide famous events. But this may help the literature festival and mean other celebrities might be more likely to come to the event if they think it is a good way to promote their books.”

Eileen Grove, 78, a resident of Cheltenham all her life, said, “I think it is great for the town. It shows that what happens here gets international recognition. I don’t really like her but it’s nice to have such a famous person come to the town, hopefully more people will come as a result.”

You can read a review of Mrs Clinton’s book here.

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Mathew Dunnett
Mathew Dunnett is a student journalist from the University of Gloucestershire. Mat comes from Evesham and is a member of Tone radio, the uni's station.

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