Top 10 I’m A Celeb Contestants

It has been rumoured that Ant and Dec would like to bring back the best of the best contestants of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. I’m going to give my top ten contestants over the last couple of years, who I’d like to see back in the jungle if this reunion show were to happen.

Firstly, who wouldn’t want to see more ‘fainting’ and screaming? Of course I am talking abogillianut Gillian McKeith. Sometimes you wonder if certain celebrities really read what they are getting themselves into. In 2010, Gillian was the celebrity that everybody was talking about. There is always that one person in the jungle who is scared of everything, but normally people will just get on with it and try to get as many stars as they possibly can for camp. Gillian, on the other hand, didn’t really understand that. If I am correct, I believe she is the only contestant ever to ‘faint’ in order to get out of doing a trial. She certainly made the show that year and it is a long shot that she would return, but it would be hilarious to see her again.

Speaking of seeing contestants again, Katie Price has been in the jungle twice already. So why not make it a third? Katie Price was known in the jungle for falling for popstar, Peter Andre. Considering the fact that these two are now divorced, it is another long shot of it happening. But where entertainment is concerned, I am sure these two would not disappoint. You never know, they may finally become civil again, after all these years, if they were to reunite on the show.

Next I would like to see the 2010 Queen, Stacey Solomon, and the 2015 Queen, Vicky Pattison, return to camp. Without a doubt these two contestants were the nicest winners, I personally think, the show has had. I love the fact that these two are now presenters on I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp, the spin off show. Vicky and Stacey are both really competitive girls and although they are friends, I am sure they would want to see who would come out on top.

Now on to the boys. Dougie Poynter and Matt Willis are true Kings of the Jungle. I think, like Vicky and Stacey, these two would want to see who would come out on top. Dougie and Matt are both well known for being members of McFly and Busted. These two have even toured together as McBusted so it would be very interesting to see how these two would take on the challenge- very competitively I would imagine! Who could forget these two in the eating trials? Dougie and Matt were both incredible at it. They sailed through it with flying colours. It would be amazing to see them do it again. That would be the ultimate battle of the bands.

I’m A Celebrity wouldn’t be the same without some Essex sparkle. Of course, who else would I be talking about other than Miss Gemma Collins and Mr Essex himself, Joey Essex. I think there has to be a rule book in Essex, that all people from ‘Towie’ must be hilarious if they are to go on this show. Gemma had me in stitches every time she was on the screen and this was even before she had even entered the camp. When she started to cry in the Helicopter on the way to the camp, I knew then she was going to be great. I was devastated when she quit the show. She swore that she would never return, but I think with a little bit of persuading, she’ll give it a go again. As for Joey, he caused one of the funniest moments ever on I’m A Celebrity. I am talking about when he mistook a lizard for a dragon. That moment must have had the entirety of Britain in gales of laughter.

Finally, I think it is safe to say this last contestant will NEVER come back to the show, ever. Lady C will go down as the most evil contestant yet. Why watch a soap opera, when you could watch Lady C argue with her fellow contestants all over again. That would be much more entertaining. Right? Dare I say more?

So that is my top ten pick, what would be yours?

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