Society of the Week: Uni Boob

Every week, we’ll be talking to a different society from UoG, finding out everything you want to know about them. This week: the Uni Boob Team 

What is the Uni Boob Team?

The Uni Boob Team are on a mission to raise as much money as possible for the charity CoppaFeel! which is dedicated to making sure young people spot the early signs of breast cancer. It is a great way to make friends and build confidence in talking to new people about all things boobs and pecks related! We fundraise to make a difference and, possibly more importantly, to spread the word about how to correctly check your breasts and pecks on a regular basis, whilst emphasising the importance of being comfortable in knowing your own body. For something so important to also be so much fun and rewarding is something we are proud of! From cake sales to club fundraisers, we spread the boob love (with the help of a giant boob costume) – Carla, UBT Member

Both CoppaFeel! and UoG Boob Team is a fabulous way to socialise yet we can also spread the word on a serious issue. Through fun, unique and enjoyable socials these events can give vital information to all. It was a great group to join due to the lovely members of the team, but to also help support this amazing charity – Claire, UBT

Why do you love your society?

I have been a member of the UOG Uni Boob Team for two years now. I love being a part of it as it is a way of doing my bit for charity in a fun and relaxed environment that isn’t time consuming and takes away from my studies. Not only have I met a large majority of my friendship group at uni through the UBT, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet new people from all across campus, and explore parts of Cheltenham and Gloucestershire that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. As a result of the events we hold, I’ve also been able to put my creative skills to the test whilst gaining new skills that I can include on my CV. Overall, it’s a fab way to spend time with various types of people, in new environments, whilst raising money and awareness of a really great charity! – Georgina, UBT Member

CoppaFeel! and UoG Uni Boob Team means so much to me on a personal and social level. Spreading awareness of how to spot early signs of breast cancer is such vital information to learn, and helping women (and men!) to learn their bodies, as well as what is and what isn’t normal for them, is so important. Through fun socials such as club and party nights, brunches and general meet-ups, spreading the word is now easier than ever, and that is why I love this team and this charity! – Pippa, UBT Member

Why should people join?

There are a plethora of reasons why you should join UOG’s UBT, number one being you’re spreading a message set out by a lady who was 23 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. At 31, Kris is still inspiring men and women all over the UK and spreading the boob love far and wide!

The Uni Boob Team not only educates people on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, but actively helps to get people checking and knowing their boobs/pecks. Knowing your bod is KEY to getting an early diagnosis, which in turn means the survival rate is much higher!

As UBT leader last year, I know first hand that CoppaFeel! provides an empowering and supportive environment which is reflected within the team itself. The current leader of the titty committee and all round boob legend, Charlotte, is currently taking the team forward to bigger and better opportunities so that the boob love can not only be spread further, but we can have bigger events all throughout the year!

Joining the UBT means you can be involved in a load of things we have, from boob brunches to club night takeovers, bake sales to glitter parties, UBT Glos has something for anyone and everyone (and you even get to wear a giant boob in the process) – Charlie, UBT Member

How can I get involved and what events do you have coming up?

To get involved in the UOG Uni Boob Team, you can drop me an email at or send us a message on our Facebook page, UOG Uni Boob Team. Feel free to give our page a like too and keep up with all things boobs on campus! We’re always looking for new members for the team because we want to grow as much as we can and ensure that we share CoppaFeel!’s message as far as we can and it’s always exciting when it comes to planning our next events. We’ve got Boob Brunch and bra pong coming up in February, a collaboration we’re doing with Freedom Church Cheltenham, and we’re hoping to do another club takeover and a pop up salon in the near future so keep an eye out for this! This year we had a target to fundraise £500 for CoppaFeel! and we’re over halfway there so the team is doing an amazing job, and it means we’ll have lots coming up that you can get involved in. Leading the boob team this year has been one of the most rewarding things I have done, and I would encourage everyone to get involved in helping this fabulous charity! – Charlotte, UBT Leader

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