Society of the Week: Doctor Who

Every week, we’ll be talking to a different society from UoG, finding out everything you want to know about them. This week: Doctor Who. 

We’re talking to Matt Wilson, the president and former vice president of the society. 

So what is the Doctor Who Society?

The Doctor Who Society is for people who are fans of the BBC show, but we are also welcoming of people who’ve never watched the show but want to try it out.

What do you guys do?

We put on screenings of the show and spin-offs. It’s a place for people to socialise and meet new people. We also do special events, such as meeting with other societies.

Why do you love your society? 

Ooh! The people. I’ve made some of my best friends through being part of this society. It’s very open and accepting, and we can share and celebrate our love of the show. Doctor Who is inspiring. It inspires creativity, a sense of adventure, friendship and respect. It gives you an appreciation for the small things in life. I’ve loved it since I was seven, and to me it shows that whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve it, and that’s the message that I want the society to promote.

Why should people join?

If you want to watch Doctor Who with like-minded people then you’re free to come along.
You absolutely don’t have to be a nerd to join, it can just be a place to try something new.

How can I get involved and what events do you have coming up?

We have a meeting with the Oxford Doctor Who society coming up soon, as well as the regular socials.
You can join the official Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, or come to a social! They’re normally at around 7pm on Fridays at FCH.

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