Seyi Rhodes Visits University

Black History month returned to the University of Gloucestershire this week, as a successful journalist spoke to students about racism in the media.

Seyi Rhodes, who is a Channel 4 journalist for Unreported World, spoke at Francis Close Hall on Wednesday about the issues.

He started by talking about his most recent trip to Chicago, one which he originally did not want to partake in. Rhodes spent 3 weeks in the northern city, and was made aware of the current segregation issues of race there.

He also spoke about the most recent protests made by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ group, saying that they should try to support young people in the community and stop them from getting involved in crime, rather than protesting against the police.

He later went on to discuss his trip to Brazil, where he believed that there were ‘no racial differences’, but was surprised by how much the local media influences how women should look. He explained that when a local television station had recently chosen a black woman to be its carnival queen, it was only a week before the media outlet received numerous complaints from their audience.

Rhodes explained that there is a huge amount of responsibility with producing a film that uncovers a relevant social and political issue.
“Most people want to tell their stories,” he said, “But some people need to be asked.”

His next documentary, which is about Haiti and its state prisons, will be released on November 11.

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