Review: Murder on the Orient Express

Twelve apparent strangers on a train. 1 victim, 11 suspects. Murder on the Orient Express, arguably one of the most famous books ever written, and one of the most popular novels featuring Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

The book was first published in 1934 and since then there have been many adaptations. The TV adaptation, starring David Suchet, will always hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

But now the new 2017 film adaptation is directed by and starring Sir Kenneth Branagh. His film shows off the artsy style that we all know and love from Branagh. It has good camera work and fantastic photography throughout the film.

Did you know that they actually only shot the clips of the train moving for a minimal amount of time? So make sure you look out for that.

It is your typical Agatha Christie ‘whodunit’, with some very unique characters with one of the most famous casts you will ever see. The cast is the biggest strength to make the film succeed. Dame Judi Dench plays Princess Dragomiroff, she represents fierce loyalty and triumph. Mrs Hubbard is a strong willed widow, played by Michelle Pfeiffer superbly.

Johnny Depp plays Samuel Ratchett, a businessman. Any performance from Johnny Depp on film is always exciting and this is no exception.

And of course, Sir Kenneth Branagh, plays Agatha Christie’s most famous and long loved character, detective Hercule Poirot. Most people will be talking about his magnificent moustache rather than the actual film. It must have taken them ages to perfect it (the moustache that is). It is truly outstanding. Apparently, Agatha Christie always wanted an actor to play Poirot and wear the moustache how she would have imagined it. Sir Kenneth Branagh certainly did that.

This film is definitely one to watch if you like a good murder mystery, especially those who like a big twist! If you enjoyed another one of Agatha Christie’s classics, ‘The Mousetrap’, then this film is definitely for you.

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