Review: Logan

imageI am ashamed to say that I have never seen an X – Men film in my life, so I was unsure as to what I could expect. I went in completely oblivious and to say I was surprised was an understatement.
As it was the final film to feature Hugh Jackman’s character, Wolverine, you could expect the cinemas to be packed out and to have all the fans queuing to get a glimpse of the final magic.
It was a nice surprise to see a quick little clip from ‘Deadpool’ just before the actual film started. I loved the first Deadpool movie, so it was great to laugh before the sadness of Logan kicked in. The subtle references that Deadpool made about Logan during that clip made everyone more and more excited to watch the film. It was a good touch to include that at the start, considering how popular Deadpool was. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the second Deadpool which is coming soon.
For some reason I was expecting this film to be a lot more scientific and less gruesome. If you are squeamish then this probably isn’t the film for you.
The acting given by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart was fantastic. You really believed everything that they were going through. They both gave such powerful and unforgettable performances. Even the performance of Wolverine’s daughter, Laura, played by Dafne Keen was superb. She is only eleven years old and I am sure she will have an incredible future ahead of her. Dafne Keen wasn’t the only young star that shone through the film. Most of the young actors in the film were brilliant.
If you are a fan of this movie franchise and have that emotional attachment with each of the characters, then this film is guaranteed to make you cry. If you are not a fan before watching this film, like me, then you won’t have that emotional attachment to make you cry, but it will still pull on your heartstrings.
As with all Marvel films, there is always an extra clip to end the film. To mine and everybody’s disappointment, this film is the first to not include one. So do not waste your time, like I did, in waiting for something that is not going to happen.
For all the X – Men fans out there, this film is a great send off to a much loved character. But fear not, it may be the final film to feature Wolverine but is not the final X – Men film. There are still plenty more where they came from.

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