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I am a massive horror film fan. I watch them all. I’ll watch the really good and scary ones and
the ones that make you feel like you’re watching paint dry. Horror is definitely my favourite genre. They need to be really scary to scare me, so I was hoping this would be case when I saw IT.

When I found out that there was going to be a remake of the 1990 horror IT, I was really excited. I feel a bit guilty to say this, but as I have not seen the first film I cannot compare the two films. That’s currently on my to do list. I will watch the older version and then I’ll be able to see if the 2017 version is better or worse.

Unfortunately, I did spend most of the film laughing. I’m not sure whether the genre was supposed to be horror comedy rather than a supernatural horror because I didn’t find it scary at all. That’s just my opinion though, I’m sure other people found this very scary.
I think this is an obvious thing to say, but I would not recommend you to watch this if you have a fear of clowns. It will not do you any favours because, as you can imagine, they have a big part in the film.

The one part of the film that I found creepy, rather than scary, was Bev’s father. I thought, at one point, that he was part of the child abductions with Pennywise the clown – that’s how creepy his character was. *Spoiler Alert* It turns out that he had been abusing Bev. That is why she was so afraid of him.

Speaking of Pennywise, his nickname is the ‘dancing clown’. His dancing made the entire film even better. I don’t think I should have laughed as much as I did whenever I saw him dance. It honestly looked like his legs were made out of jelly. It was very funny. If I am being completely honest, I believe I laughed more than I jumped. I think I only jumped at the loud sound effects. But I will give the film credit for this one scene: the one part when Pennywise appeared out of nowhere, giving me and the rest the cinema a heart attack. During that scene something extremely big happened. I won’t say what that was, just in case you haven’t seen the film yet, but in that particular moment everybody was glued to the screen. It was the perfect timing to make him appear and catch people out.

I’ll end this review with the fact that literally every single character in pretty much every
horror film, not just IT, are so stupid. When you are in a situation where your life could be in danger, the last thing you do is call out to all of the trauma that is about to happen. Only because you will get killed. You get straight out the situation and call the police. This is probably why I found the film so funny. There were too many moments like this throughout the entire film.

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