Remembrance​ Sunday in Cheltenham.

Cheltenham annually holds a parade in remembrance of those who fought for their country during WW1. Taking place on Sunday 10th, the parade will occur in Cheltenham’s Long Gardens. Beginning at 10:50 the service will start with a solo trumpet of ‘The last Poet’ before the crowd gathered around Cheltenham’s war memorial for a 2-minute silence to thank and remember those who fought for the lives we possess today. The event is free to attend and for all ages.

After the silence, a performance of selected prayers and hymns, as well as the Silver Band’s rendition of the National Anthem, shall occur. The Mayor will then place their reef on the war memorial.

This event is the perfect way for Cheltenham residents to pay respects to the soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War, reminding them once again of our gratitude. Other groups attending the event include Royal British Legion; Veterans, Cheltenham Fire Department, the Royal Naval association as well as local Scouts and Girl Guides.

This free service happening in the middle of Cheltenham town, brings all citizens of Cheltenham together for Remeberance Sunday.

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