Pantsuits to patterns – How Hillary’s fashion has evolved with her ideas

Hillary Clinton is arguably one of the biggest women in politics right now and in recent months was the most talked about. But being a female figure with strong opinions in the world of politics isn’t the only reason she is getting noticed.

Her fashion choices are of note and worthy of discussion. She is clearly a lady of taste and opinion in fashion. Her core values very much match her image. Hillary is often seen in bright pantsuits and jackets, with a perfect hairstyle to complete the look. Just like she is strong and unafraid of opposing opinions in office, she stands proud of her individual style.

Hillary launching her presidential campaign in 2016

Pre-election we would see vivid colours and patterns but if it was paired with a bold statement jacket then the rest of outfit would be plain. She is now, post election, even more daring with her choices. On March 7th , Girls Inc. New York held a luncheon preceding International Women’s Day where thousands of women would go on strike to support the movement. Clinton attended this wearing a bright-red pantsuit, clearly showing her allegiance. But this is not the only thing was eye catching. She was wearing a multi-coloured collared shirt underneath that stood out even more and this was unlike Hillary had ever worn before.

Credit: Mike Copolla/Getty Images

In the much-anticipated event at Cheltenham Racecourse on Sunday, her first appearance in the UK on her book promotion tour, Hillary was sporting a more relaxed look. With black flared trousers, round neck top and patent pumps, the checked pink jacket was the statement item. Purposefully too. When asked about her outfit, Hillary replied that she was supporting a pair of young female designers based in the USA with the jacket. Keeping the rest of the look plain, allowed the jacket to be the most noticeable piece of clothing.

Credit: Paul Nicholls

All this said, there are feminists that would hold the opinion that being in the media for fashion choices beats the point of women being powerful and fighting the stereotype of feminine ideals. In response to this I would say she brings the two worlds together making the feminist argument stronger. She shows that you can be chic while in a position of responsibility. It can’t be denied, while Clinton may have had a rocky road in recent politics; she has always displayed a classic, classy and appropriately striking style.

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