Liveblog: Hillary Clinton at Cheltenham Racecourse

16:00 That’s it from us, hope you’ve enjoyed following our coverage of Hillary Clinton at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. See you soon! #UoGClinton

15:49 A member of the audience said he was ‘captivated by her enthusiasm’ #UoGClinton


15:41 Ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage says Hillary Clinton is ‘making herself look frankly ridiculous’ as he talks to LBC.

15:32 Amy Owen a winner of a competition to attend the talk gives her reaction. #UoGClinton

14:52 Anna Duddington Universal reporter gives her thoughts ‘very interesting talk with Hillary Clinton. Thought provoking views and an insight into the world as she has experienced it.’


14:37 After a very insightful interview with Hillary Clinton and Mariella Frostrup, she spoke with pride and intelligence about her thoughts on the Presidential election and the future for politics. #UoGClinton

14:20 Hillary thanks the crowd.

14:11 “34,000 people die from gun violence in a year”

14:09 Clinton is in favour of greater gun control in the US. After the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas.

14:03 Hillary responds “both young men and women need to realise we are all in this together.”

14:02 Jade Padam Universal reporter asked “How can we get more women into positions of power?”

13:58 “I’m not leaving politics and I’m not going anywhere.”

13:57 “I would rather be in the White House.”

13:56 Clinton says “I didn’t know this job would be so hard.”

13:54 Personal thought from Hillary Clinton at Cheltenham Literature Festival. #UoGClinton

13:50 Hillary claims there’s a level of optimism and confidence for the future.

13:47 “I won women voters.”

13:45 Clinton says “he’s going to continue to play up to his base.”

13:37 “tearing down political correctness.”

13:35 Clinton says “I have studied, watched and learned from Presidents.” Her husband Bill Clinton was President for 8 years prior to her campaign.

13:29 Hillary brings up how even Trump was shocked at the result.

13:27 “It’s a frightening warning of propaganda”, again referring to the Russian involvement.


13:13  “Get to the bottom of what happened in 2016.”

13:09 Clinton questions the Russian involvement during the campaign for US Presidency.

13:04  Clinton says “Representation matters.”

12:59  She admits “there were times that were hard to get out of bed” after the US Presidential Election.

12:55 Hillary Clinton is welcomed to the stage by journalist Mariella Frostrup.

12:50  You can watch the life stream via our LiveBlog. #UoGClinton.

12:35  ‘Super Fan’ of Hillary Clinton at Cheltenham Literature Festival.

12:05  We have been informed that the talk has been delayed till 12:45, due to unforeseen circumstances. #UoGClinton

11:30  Our reporters have arrived to report on all things Clinton. #UoGClinton

Welcome to our live coverage of Hillary Clinton at Cheltenham Literature Festival. She will be discussing her Presidential campaign – addressing racial, LGBT and women’s rights and improving healthcare.

You can keep up-to-date via our Liveblog and @UoGNewspaper.



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