International Women’s Month!

Today is the first day of March meaning it is now officially international Women’s month! To commemorate this here are 5 of the most inspirational women to me this year so far.

Greta Gerwig.

1.Greta Gerwig: Oscar-nominated director for films such as Lady Bird and recent rendition of ‘Little Women.’ Gerwig has transformed the world of film with her beautiful representations of femininity, especially when dealing with issues of class. The famous line in Little Women “don’t sit there and tell me marriage isn’t an economic proposition when it is.,” allows the well-read characters within the renowned novel to now represent different desires of women and the positions they are put in which sometimes makes these desires unreachable. Her films directly address this idea of money and once again beautifully depict the real issues and experiences of women both in the 19th and 21st centuries.

Greta Thunberg.

2. Greta Thunberg: Environmental activist. Whilst many people have had several opinions of this young activist, she has stood strong through the ridiculous amount of hate against her. Headstrong with only one goal in mind, saving her planet for the future generations, she makes it into my top five inspirational females of the year. Refusing to make this a gender issue Greta has traveled internationally to make our world leaders aware of how serious this environmental crisis is for future generations.


3. Duffy: renowned singer. After being quiet both online and in music for the last few years, Duffy came out last week with the most heart-breaking story of having been sexually assaulted. She, as many of the other women, is a reminder to the hardships and abuse many women still face and have to overcome. The bravery of simply being a survivor.

Florence Given.

4. Florence Given: Artist, Author, and activist. Powerful in both her art and words Florence is an inspiration for all women and LGBTQ individuals pushing new narratives for single women, who can be successful without a relationship.

5. Lizzo: Singer. Lizzo has risen to fame with number one hits such as ‘Truth Hurts’ and ‘Good as Hell.’ Sending out powerful messages for women of color and bigger women, encouraging them to feel empowered and confident in themselves. Lizzo herself provides another female narrative in the music business which is representative of minorities.


Those were just 5 of my top women of the year so far. There are hundreds of women who are inspiring for many other reasons and luckily we have a whole month to recognize and celebrate them.

For now, Happy International Women’s month!

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