How to make the most of freshers’ fayre

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The start of semester is quickly approaching, and with it, freshers’ fortnight. There will be plenty for you to get involved with (you can find the full line up and other info on the students’ union website) but one of the biggest, and perhaps most highly anticipated events, is the freshers’ fayre.
The freshers’ fayre is an opportunity for you to see everything that the university has to offer. From sports teams to societies to companies giving out freebies, it’s not one to miss – even if you’re not a fresher! But with so much going on, it can be a little overwhelming, so here’s our guide to getting the most out of freshers’ fayre.

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1. Go to the fayre!
As we’ve said, we know it can seem a little overwhelming, but honestly, it’s so fun. Even if there aren’t any societies you’re particularly interested in you can get plenty of freebies, meet new people, and just enjoy the atmosphere. If you do get a bit overwhelmed while you’re there, look for one of the student union volunteers, who will be happy to help you.

2. Don’t leave it til the last minute
The fayre starts at 11am and goes on until 4pm, but we highly recommend getting there towards the beginning if you can – you want to make sure that the flyers and freebies you’re interested in haven’t all disappeared by the time you get there!

3. Pace yourself…
Don’t pick up things you’re not interested in; you’ll end up carrying four bags worth of leaflets that you’re never going to look at again. Don’t feel pressured into taking a flyer just because someone has offered you one – they won’t be upset if you don’t take one, and if you do, it saves you from sorting the good from the bad at the end of the day!

4….but DO get involved
That being said, if you have even the slightest interest in a society or company, go ahead and take their flyers! Go one step further and have a chat with them – the people running the stalls are there to give you more information, and will be happy that you’re taking an interest. And who knows – by talking to them, you might end up making some more friends.

5. Treat yo’self
Free pizza? Treat yo’self. Free biscuits? Treat yo’self. Any freebies at all that interest you? TREAT. YO. SELF.

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6. Try to join at least one society or team
From Dumbledore’s Army to Kendo to Law to Tone Radio to Doctor Who, (or UniVersal!!), there’s a society for almost anything you could want. And as mentioned previously, you might make some of your best friends through societies. You can find the full list of UoG’s societies here, or sports teams here.

Come and visit our stall at the University of Gloucestershire’s freshers’ fayre on Wednesday 20th September at Park Campus!

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