“Glosfessions”: The new Instagram account revealing confessions about the University of Gloucestershire

An Instagram account posting anonymous confessions about student life in Gloucester and Cheltenham has been set up, after similar pages have been popular among different universities. 

Glosfessions is a new forum for students where you can share your deepest fears, start an argument with a sports society or, just vent about your student loan.

While the Glosfessions administrators attend the University of Gloucestershire the account is publicly accessible and technically available to anyone.

The posts differ in content because of the nature of the anonymous submissions, with some just about messy flatmates and some mentioning popular nightclubs and bars.  

Glosfession’s first post was in December 2019 and has subsequently attracted more than 1,800 followers.

With students stuck at home during the lockdown, away from lectures and hangovers, it’s no surprise that posts have been popular. Within ten months, Glosfessions has reached just under 500 Instagram posts.

Speaking to Universal, an admin said that the account was a safe space for people to discuss relatable student issues, insecurities and debate.

They said, “Our hope in creating the page was to help lighten up this year and to also help others know they aren’t alone in their experiences.”

“Confessions pages are highly common in Universities across the country, so it felt only appropriate we tried one too due to the great success at other universities. We always advise people to be careful of what they are sharing and we scrutinise every confession to allow the page to be an approachable place for all.”

What began as a single page back in 2016 in Cambridge (Memebridge) on Facebook, has exploded into a nation of university meme pages with thousands of followers each. Cambridge has “Memebridge” with over 30K likes, Bristol has “Bristruths” with over 21K likes and Exeter has “Exememe” with 12K likes. 

Whilst each of these pages has its own set of admins, contributors, and running jokes, all of the pages including Glosfessions, are bound by self-deprecating humour and jokes about their various institutions that each student pays 9K to go to.

Anyone wanting to submit a confession or a story should visit the Glosfession’s confession website.

You can check out their posts on their Instagram page here. Our favourite confession is about swimming in the Pittville Park lake after a few drinks back during the August heatwave.

Let us know your favourite Glosfession in the comments below.

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