Gillette face ​backlash for repr​esentation of the #MeToo movement.

The most recent advert for the well-known razor brand Gillette has faced a major backlash. It’s newest advert uses the phrase ‘The best a man can be’ with the objective of fighting against toxic masculinity.

The advert starts by showing a select few of the issues within our current society brought forward by the #MeToo movement. One of them being boys bullying each other boys which insinuated a lack of ‘masculinity’. It demonstrates men of all ages sexually harassing women or demeaning their position in the workplace.

After showing these clips of occurrences we know and discuss every day, it moves on to illustrate clips of men preventing these issues. suggesting that men should make change by taking action and to stop the previously excused ‘male’ behaviour.’

The advert even includes a clip of celebrity and activist Terry Crews, as he says “Men need to hold other men accountable.” Terry Crews is known for his role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Sergeant Terry Jeffords and for speaking out about his experience of sexual assault. 

Gillette has faced a major backlash towards this advert, many claiming it to be a form of ‘feminist propaganda’. Well-known for his brash and often shocking opinions Piers Morgan tweeted:

My new @Dailymail column is about @Gillette’s disgraceful new man-hating advert. Posting soon.  

15.01.2019 @piersmorgan 

Another controversial tweet including:

Since 99% of abortions are a result of consensual sex. I’m just waiting for the #Gillette advert that tells women not to murder their innocent unborn babies. #Toxicfemininity 

15.01.2019 @ThorAxe7 

It’s surprising that such a simple message dealing with issues we have been discussing this past year has received so much controversy. Can this advert be considered feminist propaganda? Or is it just a further step towards gender equality focusing on some of the issues being brought forward and including men to fight alongside women?

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