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Lockdown 3.0 has caused a big writer’s block for all creators. So here’s a little bit of inspiration for those struggling to find motivation like me. It’s hard to know what people want to read, hear, see and consume. Everyone wants something different. And this article covers it all, (well almost all).

People like learning about complicated things – like space. Did you know that sunsets on Mars are blue? Or that the Sun is 330,000 times bigger than the earth? I didn’t. People like reading about things that they didn’t know before and I love writing about new topics. I want to write something that will excite someone, teach them something which they didn’t know before.

Write a review on a horror movie, make a horror movie, scare yourself senseless with a movie marathon, or interview someone about a paranormal experience. People love the unexplained because we love being scared for some reason. My favourite movie is Coraline. It’s a children’s horror film which is quite frankly terrifying. Give it a watch if you’re brave enough. You may find it motivating.

I love to read inspiring articles. Black Lives Matter, feminism, and sexuality. I feel like these are topics that people write about often. People aim to inspire, but I’ve read so many articles about ‘isms’. How much more can we really read until there’s a change? I want to write an article with hard-hitting facts, one that will show people that we really need change. As of July 2020, homosexuality is illegal in 72 countries. Some people think we have complete equality – we don’t.

Times are changing and with it, so is fashion. I’ve noticed on social media at the moment that so many artists such as Harry Styles and YungBlud are breaking gender norms with what they’re choosing to wear. I find this amazing. People are becoming more interested in make–up, fashion, hair trends. I’ve seen it all over TikTok. I could write some kind of article on fashion?

I like to read about people’s life experiences, anything humbling or relatable. I could write a personal article about my experiences with generalised anxiety disorder. It could help someone; others may be able to relate. At some point, I probably will, but it’s so normalised within my life that to me, it doesn’t seem worthy of writing about.

People want a way out of everyday life. What can I write that someone will find interesting? What can other people paint, film, photograph, or sing about that is interesting? How can I write something different? What do I want to write about?

Maybe lockdown is there to do that, to give us time to get the juices flowing and the engines oiled up, ready for our next creative moment.

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