Student Patrol Keeps Streets Safe

Students from the University of Gloucestershire are volunteering to take part in a regular night-time patrol to keep people safe.

In their role, the students provide minor first aid, call taxis, and stay in contact with police and night club door staff to make Cheltenham safer at night.

The patrol is now in its fifth year and there are currently 23 fully trained volunteers signed up to the scheme.
They head out to the streets of Cheltenham every Monday during term time to  help support fellow students and people in the community, making their nights out a safer experience.

One of the volunteers, criminology student Phoebe Holder, said that she never knows what to expect when helping out.
“Volunteering in this role means that I get a real taster for what it’s like to be in the police,” she said.

The chief executive of the university’s students’ union, Tom Newman, said: “Cheltenham is a safe town and this scheme is another way in which we can help students enjoy themselves while staying safe.”

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