Psychic and aura readings: how an “emotional breakdown” was secretly a gift for Carol Green

hands holding, purple aura

In her 19th year as a civil servant, Carol Green experienced an “emotional breakdown” that was the catalyst to an otherworldly experience. She felt a presence, like someone was reaching out to her, gently touching her arm. What followed was repetitive pressed thoughts, telling her, “You need to go to a spiritualist church.”  

She visited, sat in an open circle, eyes closed, and questioned why she was there. After the session, the medium asked what she had learnt. Nothing. But the medium told her: “Yes, you did. It is merely a thought that goes through your mind.”

Carol thought she was daydreaming, but when explaining what she saw, the lady opposite her in the circle verified that everything Carol said was accurate. The man Carol saw was the lady’s uncle. She found it weird, but oddly wasn’t scared” jokingly thinking she was “the best thing since sliced bread.”

Carol Green

That was 20 years ago; now, 73-year-old Carol Green has practised spirituality professionally ever since. 

When meeting Carol, there was an inexplainable positive presence she held. Spirituality has always fascinated me, so I gripped the opportunity to meet a medium as I had never met one before. It was cold outside, so we decided to meet at a nearby café. It wasn’t quiet, far from it, but it didn’t disturb the attentiveness.  

In the 20 years working as a medium, Carol has participated in a plethora of private sittings, public demonstrations, church services, talks, and regular teachings/workshops. Carol explains that she can tune into what she likes to call “work mode,” she has done this so that she can ignore the sense of spirits and people’s auras around her when not at work. 

“If I’m working, I’m working. If I’m not, I’m just me.” 

She is thankful for this “work mode” because the ability to switch it off has meant that she has never unintentionally invaded anyone’s privacy by accidentally investigating an individual’s aura, an aura being something everybody has. 

Carol meticulously explains that we can define the aura in three ways;

  1. Absorbent energy, which is where we absorb the energy around us from both people and areas/situations which may influence our wellbeing.
  2. Data energy, which is what we store in our energy.
  3. Life-force energy, which exists while we are alive in the physical world. 

“A person’s aura can be read like a book. It holds all our past actions, thoughts, experiences as well as the present and any future wishes.” 

“I see a lot of blue,” she says in nonchalance. We had met less than an hour ago, and it was like she knew everything about me. Astonished at the accuracy, I sat in a stilted gaze, with my face demonstrating a mixture of shock, joy and amazement, as she elaborated on what I’m like as a person. I have a prominent blue aura with traces of pinks and browns; meaning I am a self-expressive individual who is sometimes a “bottler of feelings” to make situations more tolerable, which sometimes is a disservice in the long run. 

An aura reading is one of many things Carol is knowledgeable of. She can also connect to spirits who have passed, and she does this by feeling the shapes of things. The feeling is important because by feeling something, that is how mediums receive the information. 

“The medium is not important. They are the ‘telephone exchange’ between the spirit and the individual. The better mediums make themselves, the exchange to stronger the connection. Spirits come back for many reasons, to show that they are fine to rectify issues.” 

It is like having an audience present, and confident and “pushy” spirits tend to be the ones that make themselves known. However, the medium shouldn’t connect as they should know that you have no relation to them. You would expect such a sensitive subject matter to receive some animosity occasionally, but it is the obverse.  

“I have never had anyone say they don’t like it,” she says with merriment. These moments can be closure for people, which is why she loves her job so much. “I love it. I love teaching and seeing people putting in the effort. It is not a quick fix, but it is marvellous to see people do it.” 

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