The ‘new’ reality of virtual events

Virtual events and quizzes have become the norm this year, with Covid running rampant and people locked in their houses, there is a big need for some fun and distraction.

Founded in Cheltenham, The Moonlighting Group usually runs live events, but due to Covid-19 it has had to branch out into virtual events saying they are providing: “Entertainment for the new reality”. Moonlighting Group’s, managing director, Ian Townend when asked if they were planning on turning virtual for some events before Covid said: “Hell no. It was purely because of the pandemic”.

The company has seen a large rise in activity and popularity in October, leading to them setting up their new virtual events website. Their public quiz night, held every Friday, has over 100 teams and keeps growing, Mr. Townend described people as being “quizzed out”.

On their Twitter they also have ‘Quiz Question Friday’ to promote this. Despite the current buzz they are expecting it to be quiet come January after the Christmas rush.

The Moonlighting Group usually caters to corporate events, offering: quiz nights, casinos, virtual magicians, parties, and escape rooms. When asked if they were thinking of branching out into student events, Mr. Townend said: “It’s not our thing really.”

They have done a few parties for students such as, “the odd thing like casino events”, but they don’t think they will be trying for that area any time soon.

The transition from live to virtual was not easy for the company and it won’t be easy going back. “The transition will have to be gradual”, Mr. Townsend said, “there’s not going to be a time where Boris (Johnson) says its okay to have 200 plus people at an event.”

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