The Gems of Netflix

One of the main criticisms of Netflix is that once you’ve finished the show that you’ve watched for the fourth time, you seem to be left with nothing. This means that you have no choice but to scroll endlessly until you’re bored and then you go onto YouTube because the show that everyone has talked about for the last month was binged in a day. However, what if I were to tell you that there are some unsung heroes of Netflix?

Shows that are equally as entertaining as Rick and Morty, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Friends (oh my God, I hate Friends). These aren’t at all talked about over here in the UK but, in my opinion, everyone should give them a chance because these are simply the gems of Netflix.

Top Gear

Credit: Tony Harrison/Flickr

Now, I want to be perfectly clear, I know nothing about cars. I once owned one but asked my big brother to do anything whenever it made a funny noise, which is surprising because I used to watch Top Gear every Sunday with him. Even if you’re not a fan of cars, Top Gear is just fun to watch with your friends. Yes, some of it isn’t politically correct but what do you expect? It’s three middle aged men talking about cars. The Christmas specials are comedy gold as their worldwide travels are even more enjoyable than the main show. If you’ve got nothing to watch with your friends on Netflix, I suggest that you put this on because it’s funnier than you remember.

The Good Place

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What happens when we die? This show answers the age-old question that humans have asked since the beginning of time. With four seasons of twists, turns and lovable characters, The Good Place is just an unproblematic television show. I found it to be the easy pleaser that could do no wrong. What keeps you coming back is the fact that the show reinvents itself over and over again (which is something that The Walking Dead should take a lesson in). There is no basic formula that the show follows and that’s why it’s so good. Also, no matter who you are ‒ no matter your gender, race or general interest ‒ you will fall in love with Janet.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Credit: EJ Hersom

Want to keep up with the news across the pond? Not really? Well… this is a really good weekly stand up show. Coming straight off his stand up special Homecoming King, Hasan Minhaj picks a topic to cover for half an hour and breaks it down like a funny teacher that’s trying desperately to teach you stuff. All jokes aside, Patriot Act opens up your awareness to issues you didn’t know existed. Yes, it feeds you information; however, what sets it apart from most news outlets is that it leaves the topic open ended, meaning it gives you the views of a worldwide problem but almost invites you to debate with it. When you’re sick of hearing about Brexit and the coronavirus, watch Patriot Act to stay informed.


Credit: Rostislav Kralik

“Come with me if you want to live”. I’m not talking about the sequels, I’m not even talking about the television show that it sparked off. The original Terminator is on Netflix for your viewing pleasure and watching it for the first time, I can only describe it as a fever dream. The iconic cult classic is scarier than I expected; considering it was the 1980s, the film was way ahead of its time. Some of the frightening effects still hold up today and the scene where Arnie’s Terminator eye is revealed is nightmare-inducing. If you want an old school movie night with your friends and you realise that no one has a video player to play the VHS, then you can always go to Netflix to enjoy this cinematic masterpiece.

American Vandal

Credit: Netflix

Pie? Horror Story? Psycho? All pale in comparison to the documentary series that follows fake crimes. I left this until last because in my opinion, this is the best thing on Netflix. If I didn’t know that Griffin Gluck was an actor from before I would’ve thought that all these characters were real. The show sadly wasn’t picked up for a third season which was the biggest shame known to mankind. This show had me on the edge of my seat, rolling on the floor with laughter and actually quite upset when season 2 came to its conclusion. With topical social commentary that holds up with today’s society, give this show a chance because you will not be disappointed. 

With that being my list, I urge you to give these titles a chance. Disney+ will come for us all but whilst we wait for our inevitable invasion of the House of Mouse, why not watch some titles that you wouldn’t normally consider and go outside of your comfort zone? It’s what entertainment is for, isn’t it?

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