Articles by Anna Duddington

14 drunks you can’t miss at uni

University is a wonderful place, where you’ll meet just about every sort of person you could imagine. And as many of them will enjoy the odd bev, you’ll cross paths with almost as many drunk types….

On Patrol: The Cheltenham Guardians

This weekend I went out with the Cheltenham Guardians to see first-hand what they do, and how effective they may be. The Cheltenham Guardians patrol the streets of Cheltenham on Saturday nights to help people…

UniVersal’s Top Student Tips

Seeing as we’re a student paper, we thought it was about time we gave you some advice on student life! So here are some nifty tips and tricks to get you through (and to) those…

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Fire Brigade Called to Blaze in Cheltenham

A fire has broken out in the St Pauls area of Cheltenham this evening. The blaze was spotted around 9.15pm when a shed on Brunswick Street caught fire. The family inside were woken by neighbours…