Review: Rachel Agnew at University of Gloucestershire Media Festival

Rachel Agnew held a talk for the Media Festival week at the University of Gloucestershire. She spoke about what she does for the NGO and the Rainforest Foundation and what she has done as a journalist. The Rainforest Foundation is a foundation aiming to protect the rainforest, communities and animals in continents such as Africa and South-East Asia, is working on projects such as ‘Mapping and Forest Governance’ helping 50 million people living in the rainforest.

Rachel gave plenty of information about her foundation and some information on what she has done as a journalist. She spoke passionately about what she does and her interest in helping others and supporting human rights, the environment, poverty and animals. She used multimedia for her presentation, showing a short video about communities who depend on the rainforest to find food and shelter. The people living there are prevented from hunting which caused distress as it was hard for them to find food that was sufficient. The video impacted me emotionally as I wasn’t aware of this situation and more. On the other hand, Rachel seemed to be nervous as she spoke quietly and quickly on each topic, at the end of the talk questions were asked but not many from the students, one of the questions Rachel was asked I believe she misunderstood as she didn’t answer the actual question.

I did enjoy Rachel’s talk as it touched on topics that I am personally passionate about and it was beneficial for my assignment, but I do think that Rachel could have been more confident.

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