How to convince your friends you’re good at cooking: Know your onions

Key skills taught: How to dice onions and garlic and what onion to use when



What onions to buy:


Yellow Onion:

The most commonly used onion. When you think onion or onion flavour you likely think of this. Can easily be used in any recipe. What else is there to say? It’s an onion, you know what it tastes like, so I’ll be using this as a base of comparison for all the other onions.
Red Onion:

Fairly similar to yellow onions flavour wise, but a lot milder and thus more suited to being eaten raw in salads and in other dishes, also bringing a lovely colour to the dish. Due to being thinner they are less adept to being cooked for a long time as they’ll break down and the colour will be washed out.


Sweet Onion:

Looks like a yellow onion but bigger, just look at the label. A sweet onion is obviously sweeter than a yellow onion, but is also mush thicker and meatier. This means that it’s perfect for frying and roasting.


White Onion:

The strongest onion flavour of all. Can be used much like a yellow onion, but if you’re looking for a stronger onion flavour. Often used in salsas and chutneys due to the strong flavour.



Or as I call them “fancy onions”. These are the onions most favoured by chefs and thus cost a little more. They’re smaller than other onions and sometimes are longer as well, with a sweet mild flavour that is very pronounced, meaning you only need a small amount. They also lack the “bite” of regular onions, you know, that taste that makes you screw your face up at the thought of eating a raw onion. Somehow delicate and bold at the same time shallots are delicious and sometimes worth the little bit extra you pay.

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