How to Convince Your Friends You’re Good at Cooking: Kitchen Arsenal

It’s pretty hard to cook anything without the right equipment, so below I’ve provided two handy lists of kitchen tools that will help you tackle any and all recipes done on this channel and most others you’ll find in a recipe book!

The equipment can be found in one of two lists, either completely necessary for your kitchen OR stuff you may find useful but don’t NEED. All the explanations for all the equipment can be found in the video below, so consider this article more of a shopping list.


· Tin Opener

· Vegetable Peeler

· Grater

· Wooden Spoon

· Spatula

· Masher

· Colander

· Knives

· Chopping Board

· Small Casserole Dish

· Frying Pan

· Small and Large Saucepans

· Baking Tray

· Mixing Bowl

· Measuring Jug

· Oven Gloves

Not Needed but useful to have:

· Toastie Maker

· Hand blender

· Bottle Opener/Corkscrew

· Garlic Crusher

· Sieve

· Kitchen Scales

· Plastic Tubs

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