How to Convince Your Friends You’re Good at Cooking: Chicken week

Key skills taught: Cooking chicken

Much like egg week, this week is more focused on teaching key skills for future reference than an actual recipe. SO I would recommend watching the video and coming back to this article after to start building up your marinade repetoire.



Chicken breast vs thigh:

When should you use breast or when should you use thigh? Well it comes down to some key distinctions:

Breast: Leaner, healthier, cheaper, cooks quicker

Thigh: More flavourful, juicy, meatier


Making a Marinade:

I addressed the four parts of a marinate in the video above, so now it’s time to make your own! Here are some suggestions for ingredients in your marinade:

Acid Oil Flavouring Salt
–       Vinegar

–        Citrus Juice

–        Wine

–        Beer

–        Rum

–        Butter Milk

–        Olive Oil

–        Penult oil

–        Palm oil

–        Coconut oil

–        Corn oil

–        Sunflower oil

–        Vegetable oil

–        Rapeseed Oil

–        Mayonnaise

–        Butter Milk

–        Fresh fruit

–        Fruit Juice

–        Maple syrup

–        Fresh veg

–        Herbs

–        Spices

–        Soy Sauce

–        Garlic

–        Anything you like the taste of!

–        Salt

–        Soy Sauce


Turning a Marinade into a glaze:

The most important thing to note here is DO NOT USE MARINADE THAT HAS BEEN IN CONTACT WITH RAW MEAT!

Reserve some of the marinade before you use it, or make a new one from scratch. Be sure to add a sugar component like honey, syrup or simply sugar in order to allow the marinade to caramelise in the heat of a pan in order to become a glaze.


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